Archontiko Chioti
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Archontiko Chioti

In Kynouria, at the classified historical and traditional settlement of Leonidio we have adapted our family mansion house, whose construction was completed in 1864, to a 4 stars boutique hotel. Our goal is to take back the visitor many years once he enters the areas of the mansion house, in order to have the opportunity to learn the history and the style of the land architecture, enjoying at the same time the luxuries and the comforts of today’s era.

Boutique Hotel & Spa Leonidio

Archontiko Chioti



A fantastic Greek location!

LEONIDIO and the surrounding area with its traditional Arcadian villages is of unparalleled beauty. I believe that is the case also during winter!
Archontiko CHIOTI is one of the very few hotels/accommodations that has gotten me this excited. They have done an excellent job renovating the old mansion. Perfect material-color combinations. Tasteful decoration. Everything was neat and clean. Excellent maintenance of the facilities to the smallest detail. Fantastic breakfast. Polite and friendly people.

A MODEL hotel business!

When you select a hotel in an old mansion, you expect a proper mansion from every aspect.
And Archontiko Chioti meets these expectations.

From breakfast, to the Korres toiletries in the bathroom and the Guy Laroche bathrobes.

Massif floors, polite and professional staff, and everything is clean and well looked after.

We really loved it and we would like to visit it again, as it is one of the reasons we would like to go back to Leonidio.

The mansion was a real masterpiece, unique both in sense of feeling as well as location. We loved everything. Breakfast was amazing and the flavors were different every day. The room truly reminded of another, stone-built era, and it was hospitable. The bed was very soft and the entire place in general was fantastic.


Architecture Firm Parpaïris & Collaborators

Ferma Furniture

Floral Designer Sevi Mavrelou

Co-funded by Greece and the European Union